About Us

In 2020, I was interviewed for a segment on iLIVE radio UK and was asked by the interviewer; “Who are you?” My honest response, in the grand scheme of things was; “No one really.” But I was wrong.

I’m a tremendously creative soul who had an idea spawned from tragedy. My partner was 8-months pregnant, our first child, two weeks away from being born. Both passed away in a fatal car accident.  Soon afterwards my father passed as well. This changed the trajectory of my life.

I travelled by the grace of a celebrity friend, I wrote, learned photography, met some of the most inspiring people on my travels and created something from an idea to pay homage and tribute to the people I had lost. I’ve been unfortunate and lucky at the same time. I’ve received love, support and assistance from the strangest places. I built a business with no platform, clear direction, without advertising or marketing in the traditional form, and let go of the wheel to see where it would lead. Something amazing grew from an idea.

I’ve surrounded myself with people who truly care and want this idea to succeed. Together we are a group shaped by our experiences, both negative and positive, the sum total of those experiences. Our commonalities are collectively through art, from every medium to every expression. We are a family consisting of artists, musicians, designers, creators and innovators. Räh is a collaboration of hearts and souls of true art, life experiences and creative mediums.

                                    Through adversity, comes expression

Räh became a by-product of that adversity, giving a name and face to that expression. We are building a house for artists and creating a vehicle for creative genius and freedom of expression, an alternative mode of transportation for artists to gain exposure and their artistic expression to be seen. In order to reach that goal … we have to sell some shit. The agenda is to collaborate, and infuse the work of artists into our designs and provide exposure for truly talented people.

I have a tremendous team, formed partnerships and relationships with some amazing, supportive, talented and loving people. My father loved the saying; “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” So, I guess, that is who I am now, a byproduct of the people around me, those who have supported this idea and contributed greatly to its growth and became part of its movement.

Life is art, a raw movement, art evokes thought, creates changes, adversity creates expression.

All artist welcome. This is räh.

Peter Rattan and team (family),

räh | Rattan Art House