About Us

We are a group shaped by our experiences, both negative and positive. We are the sum total of our experiences. Our commonalities collectively are through art; from every medium to every expression. We are a family, consisting of artists, musicians, designers, creators and innovators.

räh is a state of mind, transcending products and superficiality. It is a collaboration of hearts and souls of true art, life, and thought through creative mediums. räh is the silhouette of a symbol that represents us all.

räh is a sentiment of a movement, a culture, and us. It is a reminder to be what we were born to be—daring you to be exposed. We are a product of products.

We are an advertisement for that which we aspire to be, but,
We are predisposed to a life of categories and social classes…
We are all räh.

Through adversity, comes expression.

räh is the by-product of that adversity and it gives a name and face for that expression. We are building a house for artists.

rattan art house is a vehicle for creative genius and freedom of expression; an alternative mode of transportation for artists to gain exposure—to gain notoriety. We provide a platform for their voices to be heard and for their artistic expression to be seen. We brand artists, market their work, and develop their image so that they can reach a broader audience.

I’ve adopted my father’s life philosophy of helping people. I am my father’s son and räh was spawned from his essence. He recently passed but once said to me: “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” I’ve expressed who we are. Now, I will wait to see who our friends become.

Life is an art, a raw movement. Art evokes thought, creates change. Artists welcome...this is räh.

Peter Rattan and team, rattan art house.